Out for Bid

Bids due in 42 days
12/3/21 11:30am
Clarifier Conversion Project
Crawford Murphy & Tilly (CMT)
Decatur, IL
The proposed project herein specified and described includes the following work: A. An eighteen (18) month project for the demolition of two existing clarifiers, the installation of two (2) new solids contact clarifiers, chemical feed system modifications and miscellaneous piping, electrical and structural modifications. The work includes, but is not limited to, sequencing, scheduling, coordinating, and managing the Project for the site demolition, excavation, rough grading, final grading, seeding, site erosion control, surface and subsurface drainage as needed; buried and aboveground (indoor) plant water and process water piping; reinforced concrete and miscellaneous equipment as shown in the contract drawings and specified herein.
Bids due in 27 days
11/18/21 10:00am
Decatur Park District - Nelson Park Pavilion #1 Roof Replacement
Architectural Expressions, LLP
Decatur, IL
Work of this proposed contract comprises renovation and demolition , including general construction work.
Bidding Closed
9/27/21 4:00pm
Argenta-Oreana Public Library District - New Accessible Entrance
Architectural Expressions, LLP
100 East Water Street, Argenta, IL 62501
Project consists of: selective demolition new construction and minimal remodeling. An alternate is being requested for the removal and replacement of siding for the balance of the building.
Bidding Closed
10/21/21 3:00pm
Decatur Housing Authority - Bathroom Remodel At Scattered Sites - Phase 1
BWC & Associates, Inc.
Decatur, IL
The work of this project includes the complete renovation of the existing bathrooms including asbestos abatement of existing flooring, removal and replacement of exiting plumbing fixtures, toilet room accessories and all existing drywall from the walls and ceilings at thirty-six 36 existing scattered single housing sites.
Bidding Closed
9/22/21 11:30am
2021 Annual Manhole Rehabilitation Project
City of Decatur - Public Works
Decatur, IL
The proposed improvement consists of: rehabilitation of existing brick and concrete manholes at various locations throughout the City. The work includes mobilization, manhole cleaning, repair of substrate and active infiltration, application of cementitious material, frame and casting replacement, cleanup, and traffic control.