Out for Bid

Bids due in 6 days
8/11/21 10:30 am
2021 Community Development Block Grant - Sidewalk Improvement Project
City of Decatur - Public Works
Johns Hill Neighborhood, Decatur, IL 62521
The proposed project herein specified and described includes the following work: The proposed improvement, CDBG Sidewalk Improvement project, designated as City Project 2021-21, consists of removing and replacing sidewalk sections that are not in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act standards in the Johns Hill neighborhood of the City. The work includes over 23,400 Square Feet of PCC sidewalk replacement, utility adjustments, and various items of restoration.
Bids due in 5 days
8/10/21 2:00 pm
Decatur Fire Department - Fire Station #7
Dewberry Architects, Inc.
3550 E. Chestnut, Ave., Decatur, IL 62521
This Project consists of the construction of the new Fire Station #7. A general description of this project, by trades, is as follows (not to be taken as a complete description or extent of the work): Demolition of existing site elements and construction of a new 6,800 sf. Fire Station.
Bidding Closed
8/4/21 5:30 pm
[CDB 546-095-016] Department of Military Affairs Decatur Armory - Replace Roofing Systems
SNDB Designs, Inc.
5550 Ocean Trail Drive, Decatur, IL 62521
The project consists of: Replace roofing on 2 buildings with new single ply fully adhered TPO roofing system, including edge metal, copings, flashings and downspouts. Tuckpointing, replacing & resetting of masonry. Alternate bids: sealing masonry, revising surface drainage to underground tile discharging to daylight, and removing masonry screen walls.
Bidding Closed
8/4/21 10:00 am
2021 Trenchless Long Lining Repair Project
City of Decatur - Public Works
Decatur, IL
The proposed improvement consists of performing approximately 11,010 feet of cured in place pipe long linings to repair damaged and failed sections of 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, and 30” sanitary and storm sewers at various locations throughout the City. The work also includes sewer cleaning, video inspection, lateral reinstatement, mobilization and traffic control.
Bidding Closed
8/4/21 3:00 pm
Decatur Park District - Construct SRE/ARFF Building at Decatur Airport
Architectural Expressions, LLP
910 S. Airport Road, Decatur, IL 62521
Work of this proposed Contract comprises building construction, site development, and demolition , including general construction, structural, mechanical, and electrical work.
Bidding Closed
7/26/21 12:00 pm
Argenta-Oreana CUSD #1 - Bus Barn Pavement
SKS Engineers
301 N Route 48, Argenta, Illinois 62501
The project consists of pavement removal, reshaping subgrade material to meet the lines and grades and placement of asphalt pavement and concrete pavement. There will be one add alternate for the project, concrete paving surface.
Bidding Closed
7/21/21 10:00 am
IDOT - Country Club and Airport Road Reconstruction
City of Decatur - Engineering
Decatur, IL
Proposed Improvement: Remove and replace pavement with either full depth concrete or full depth asphalt pavement. Remove and replace medians and islands. Catch basin relocations and other utility adjustments will be necessary.
Bidding Closed
7/7/21 1:00 pm
Decatur Public Building Commission - Macon County Office Building Chiller Replacement
Architectural Expressions, LLP
141 South Main St., Decatur, IL 62523
Work of this proposed Contract comprises equipment replacement, including general construction work.
Bidding Closed
7/8/21 10:00 am
2021 Storm Drainage Improvement Project
City of Decatur - Public Works
Decatur, IL
The proposed project herein specified and described includes the following work: 1. Sarah Dr: Install approximately 160 foot of 36” pipe with a new manhole and tree removal. 2. North Taylor: Remove drop structure and 11 foot of CMP and replace with new open lid manhole and water main quality storm sewer pipe. 3. Corman Court: Replace approximately 285 feet of damaged storm sewer along with other storm sewer improvements. 4. Fairview Ave: Remove an existing arch storm sewer and replace with 42” PVC pipe. 5. Bayshore Drive: Install approx. 350’ of 10” combination storm sewer pipe and underdrain along side of Bayshore Drive. Work also includes an area drain and curb inlet. 6. Crea Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement Alternate: Install a new 8” sanitary sewer to between 614 and 635 Crea st. The existing 15” sewer is to be abandoned in place and filled.